Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The baton is in the post

The playtest was an easy victory for Saint-Cyr and the French due mainly to the neutral solo wargamer being far more inept in his handling of the Russian attack than of the French defence. Early thoughts on Napoleonic Command & Colours are that I basically still have no idea about either rules or tactics. The view has been expressed that anyone with any sense would have had a first run through of the rules using the blocks and hexed board rather than essaying a bastardised gridless version with figures. It's hard to disagree, but where's the fun in  that? Anyway, I forgot to take any photos so here's a picture of the man of the hour.

In other news, my team won the pub quiz in the Flying Duck last night. I also qualified for the chance to answer the £200 bonus question. However, as the question was on the subject of Dangermouse there is therefore no unexpected wodge of cash to spend on gaming goodies. Who on earth knows where a bloody cartoon character on CBBC lives?

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  1. You don't know where Danger Mouse lives - Penfold, really.