Sunday, 14 May 2017

Roide Sally, Roide

And so to the theatre. I have written recently about sopranos being not quite as young as the parts they were singing. It is only fair that I start my review of Reform Theatre's 'Hopeless Romantics' by observing that if whoever cast Kivan Dene thinks that he can pass for twenty seven then he should have gone to a well known chain of high street opticians. Despite that it's an entertaining and amusing piece. It takes the format of romcom films and manages to both subvert and reinforce it at the same time. Dene's character is a socially awkward loser, a flop with women who is regarded as a failure by his high-achieving family. So it can be no surprise when half way through the first act he is outed as a wargamer. He actually favours Warhammer, but I'm sure that readers will recognise that trying to explain the difference to women is not a terribly successful chat up line either. Does the orc botherer get the girl? Well, it is fantasy after all.

I've also been to see The Commitments, which was another enjoyable evening. The young cast gave an energetic performance and the audience was enthusiastic. I've never read the book, but didn't think the stage show was as good as the film, which I found much more emotionally engaging. The translation to stage necessitated  more focus on the singing and dancing, and whilst the story covered the same narrative arc it jumped forward in uneasily large steps. The music was good, but frankly if you spend time watching local bands in pubs - as of course your bloggist does - you'll see a higher standard performed for a somewhat lower entrance fee. Anyone in the West Yorkshire area for example, should check out The Solicitors, for the same songs played better.

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